Nov 8, 2016 4:13:03 AM

Researchers Successfully 3D Print ‘Living’ Body Parts and Tissue

 Since the advent of the 3D printer, many industries have been discovering innovative methods to enhance human life. From toys and models to food applications by NASA, 3D printers are proving to be incredibly versatile. One of those industries that has experienced some of the most promising of discoveries is that of health. At the Wake...

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Nov 8, 2016 2:45:32 AM

The Disruption Continues at TERMIS, with BioBot 1

At the 2015 TERMIS World Congress, attendees arrive for a first look.

Last week was a big week for bioprinting and tissue engineering. You may have heard that we officially came out of Beta and launched the most advanced 3D bioprinter ever created, we call it BioBot 1. You can check out the amazing design and read more about the specs on...

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